Searching by name

Entering text to search by name, part of bird name, Japanese name, or scientific name, will search for birds.

Sorting by family

"Family," sort by family as a checklist of Japanese Birds published by the Ornithological Society of Japan. "Family," sort by family name alphabetically.

Sorting by size

The menu in the "Finder" screen is sorted by size. Tapping on the sort button (top right of the navigation bar) arranges the list of birds in descending/ascending order of the size of the birds.

Searching by color or/and habitat

On the finder panel, tapping the color or habitat button executes an immediate search.

A long tap on the button inverts the search conditions of habitat, distribution, and size.

Clearing search condition as a batch

Shaking the iOS device will set all search conditions to ON/OFF as a batch.

Selecting to use condition for search

The properties of "Color," "Habitat," "Distribution," and "Size" can be individually set to use or not use.

Playing sounds sequentially

"Player" plays sounds by list or family. There are three modes: normal play, shuffle play, and blind mode.

Making list

"List" save lists of your favorite birds or bird features.

Changing language to Japanese/English

By default, the app adopts the preference of the iOS for language, but you are free to switch languages as you desire.